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300 Students

Administrative Procedures (AP) are bold with corresponding forms below.

 AP 300 Admission of Students

AP 302 Prekindergarten Admission

AP 303 Kindergarten Admission

AP 304 International Student Admission

AP 305 Attendance Areas

AP 306 Attendance at Schools Out of Attendance Area

AP 310 Student Supervision

AP 315 Illness-Injuries at School

AP 316 Administering Essential Medications to Students - Personal Care

AP 317 Allergy (Anaphylaxis) Management

AP 318 Service Dogs in Schools 

AP 320 Student Records

AP 321 Young Offender Records

AP 330 Protective Services

AP 340 Attendance of Students

AP 350 Student Conduct

AP 352 Positive Behaviour Support

AP 353 Referral for Counselling Services

AP 354 Illicit Use of Drugs and Alcohol

AP 355 Seclusion Physical Restraint

AP 360 Student Discipline

AP 361 Legal-Investigative Interviews

AP 362 Searches of Persons or Personal Property

AP 370 Student Assessment

AP 371 Student Placement

AP 375 Student Awards

AP 380 Student Leadership

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