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200 Instructional Programs & Materials

Administrative Procedures (AP) are bold with corresponding forms below.      

AP 200 Organization for Instruction

AP 201 Instructional Program

AP 202 Purchase of Education Services

AP 203 Instructional Resources

AP 204 Controversial Issues

AP 205 Religious Instruction

AP 206 Family Life and Sex Education

AP 207 Citizenship Education

AP 210 Services for Students with Diverse Needs

AP 211 Modified Courses

AP 212 Alternative Courses

AP 213 Functional Integrated Program

AP 214 Locally Developed Courses

AP 215 Dual Credit

AP 216 Special Project Credit

AP 217 Credit Recovery
       ● Form 217-1 Credit Recovery Application

AP 218 Course Challenge

AP 219 Independent Education Program

AP 220 English as an Additional Language (EAL)

AP 221 Second Language Learning - Other Than English

AP 222 Instrumental Music (Band) Instruction

AP 230 Distance Learning

AP 235 Driver Education

AP 236 Summer School

AP 240 Career Development

AP 241 Career and Work Exploration

AP 242 Apprenticeship Credit

AP 243 Job Shadow

AP 244 Off-Site Work-Based Learning Placement

AP 250 Physical Activity

AP 260 Educational Trips (Curricular and Extra-Curricular)

  • Form 260-1 Extra-Curricular Day and Recurring Day Trips (Digital Form in Permission Click)
  • Form 260-2 Extra-Curricular Overnight Trip (Digital Form in Permission Click)
  • Form 260-3 Curricular Day and Recurring Day Trips (Digital Form in Permission Click)
  • Form 260-4 Curricular Overnight Trip (Digital Form in Permission Click)
  • Form 260-5 Curricular and Extra-Curricular Multiple Overnight, Out of Province, Out of Country Trip (Digital Form in Permission Click)
  • Form 260-6a Education Trip Manifest 
  • Form 260-6b Education Trip Manifest - Bus

        AP 261 Provincial Competition             

AP 270 Home-Based Education

AP 290 Research Studies

AP 295 Associate Schools

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