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100 General Administration 

Administrative Procedures (AP) are bold with corresponding forms below.                                                                                        

AP 100 Decision Making

AP 101 Policy and Procedures Dissemination

AP 102 Review of Administrative Procedures

AP 111 Annual Reports

AP 110 Education Sector Strategic Plan 

AP 114 Division Office Reporting

AP 115 Large Scale Assessment and Data Use

AP 120 School Year Calendar

AP 125 Severe Weather

AP 130 School Community Council Duties

AP 131 School Community Council Meeting and Election Processes

AP 132 School Community Council Finances

AP 133 School Community Council Communication

AP 140 Responsible Use of Technology

AP 150 Organizational Communications

AP 151 Inquiries, Complaints & Grievances

AP 152 Access to Schools

AP 155 Event Protocol

AP 160 Health and Safety of Students and Staff

AP 161 Dangerous Communicable Diseases

AP 162 Pandemic Preparedness


AP 164 Automated External Defibrillator Use

AP 165 Tobacco Free Environment

AP 166 Nutrition

AP 167 Respect for Human Diversity

AP 170 Critical Incident and Crisis Response

AP 171 Fire Drill and Evacuation Planning

AP 180 Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

AP 181 Video Surveillance

AP 185 Records

AP 190 Copyright

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