June 4, 2020

​School finds a way to heal

Like all communities, Kyle is grieving the loss of many special events like graduations, end of year field trips and in some cases, jobs. However, many families within the Kyle community are grieving the loss of a special person as well. Because this loss so closely effects some of our students and school families, the staff at Kyle Composite School wanted to show support and give condolences to all those people we can't be with during this time of grief.

The Kyle Child and Youth Counsellor, Janelle Kapeller, suggested a reading of the book Tear Soup: A Recipe For Healing After Loss be shared. It was decided to record each staff member reading from the book and then share the video with our community. The school was able to contact the author, Chuck DeKlyen, and get permission from him and his publisher Grief Watch, to create the video.

The Kyle staff felt this was a great book to share because it applies to all loss; and during this health crisis, we have all suffered some kind of loss.

You can view the completed video below: