May 7, 2020

Learning on the farm

Sydney Willner is a Grade 5 teacher at Outlook Elementary School and she asked her students to tell her about what they have been learning at home. She received the following from one of her students.

"Hi, my name is Davin and I have been doing a lot since we started learning at home. We have been harrowing and getting ready for seeding. We have been working in the shop, we built a small house out of wood, we planted our garden, and we have been doing lots of cooking! Dirt biking, shed hunting in my Grandma's pasture, playing baseball, and playing with my dog and kittens have been other things we've been busy doing! I love that I have been learning so much since starting to learn at home."

Davin has certainly been busy and having all kinds of learning experiences. It shows how much families have to teach their children and what great opportunities there are to learn in our homes.