April 9, 2020

Sun West EA and daughter producing hero bags for health workers

Few people feel the pressures caused by the COVID 19 more acutely than health workers. A mother/daughter team from Dinsmore have found a way to say thank you.

Dawn Thomson is an Educational Assistant (EA) at Dinsmore Composite School and she got the idea from a post she saw on a Fort McMurray Facebook page. The Fort McMurray post was looking for volunteers to sew the bags to donate to the nurses in their local hospital. These bags are used by nurses and other health workers to store their uniforms and have become known as hero bags.

Dawn called a friend who is an ICU nurse at St. Paul’s in Saskatoon to ask her if she thought this would be appreciated here. Her friend said it was a great idea and so with her daughter Paige, who is a student at Dinsmore Composite School, they produced their first two hero bags for her friend at St. Paul’s and then produced another two for her cousin in Warman who is also a nurse.

After these initial efforts Dawn and Paige became much more ambitious. They produced 40 bags for the Healthcare workers at the Dinsmore Health Centre and sent ten to another friend in Saskatoon to hand out to her co-workers. Dawn put out a request on Facebook for people to help and so far two other women have volunteered to sew bags and two others have donated fabric.

To date Dawn and Paige have made an impressive 69 bags. Dawn said: “I feel that saying thank you and spreading kindness will help us get through this pandemic and I am so proud that Paige is doing it with me.”

Dawn and Paige’s next goal is to make hero bags for workers at the Outlook Health Centre.

Above picture: Sun West Educational Assistant Dawn Thomson (left) and her daughter Paige (right) holding up two of the hero bags they produced for health workers.